Friday, August 27, 2010

From the desert to the mountains. And back.

And back again.

A ~week worth of pictures from down low, up high, and a lotta the spaces and places in between.

It kinda, sorta seems to be a vibrant time of year, eh?!

When your biggest problem is trying to squeeze more into every already-packed day, you need to pinch yourself and realize that it doesn't get any better.

To all that have been involved in our lives this summer--from helping with the move, to getting us out on bike rides or fishing days, or merely just tolerating our chaos while we try to settle in, *thanks*. Really.




  1. what a great adventure! love the blog too. happy trails

  2. I just happened upon your website the other day and saw your photos there. I immediately recognized your style on the mtbr post this morning. The landscapes, flowers and shots of the riders are amazing. What you do with aperture, ISO and shutter speed is astonishingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Once again, stunningly beautiful photography. Also, once again, thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

  4. Very nice, Mike. Great selection. I love the pics of friends on the porch and the guy fishing at the old mill.


  5. There's nothing like some awesome photos to get me thinking about my next vacation.

  6. Your photos are amazing - we would love to know where the old Mill is as we have a photo of it on our wall!! My husband bought it years and years ago and we have always thought it to be a great place to visit one day - and we live in Australia.


  7. Robbie, that's the Crystal Mill, near the (nearly) ghost town of Crystal, Colorado. West of Aspen, and just upstream from Marble on the Crystal River.