Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fade to Black, Skippy's-eye-view.

So there's this new trail at Whizzler called Fade to Black. New realm for the WBP with wood features like a road gap, step up, to platform, to step down, etc...

Here's Skippy's helmet cam view of it:

The first road gap is psick--roughly 10' of drop into a *tight* right hand berm. The first time I saw it I happily volunteered to be photogeek at that spot while he dropped it/took the clip above.

The step up and step down are pretty committing too, though if you've cleared the road gap and made it to that point they're baby food, relatively speaking.

One more day in the park, tomorrow. Hoping for clear-ish skies so that I can tick that one off my top-to-bottom-clean list.


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