Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the road. Again!

A few days ago Skippy and I loaded up the Carnivore with 4 bikes, a coupla fly rods, a coupla cameras (each, ahem...) and a week+ worth of clothes and grub. Destination: British Columbia for some ridin', fishin', and photogeekin'. You know--a vacation...

Thus far we've driven through Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Skippy's agenda-based lifestyle means that we haven't spent much time in any one place before continuing to march ever onward toward Whistler. Fortunately a stunning sunset in southern Idaho reached out and pimp-slapped him into cramming on the brakes:

Despite his butbutbut protests, I *insisted* that we spend all of the next day riding off Teton Pass, near Wilson/Jackson, Wyoming. Holy huzzah do they have some sweetious trails up there. If your idea of 'sweetious' includes bench-cut non-tech with interpretive signage, or a trailhead 'scene' that allows you to show off your new matching socks + kit, well, uh, this ain't your cup o' tea. But if you're into new school features like hips, gaps, wall rides, skinnies, steeps + exposure, and even a few step-ups and downs, make your way there ASAP.

See? Ah, si.

Then on through the windfarms and desert of eastern Washington, through a deluge of Cascadian proportions, and into western Washington where we checked in with both sea and land-based locals.

Then we spent an afternoon chasing the blur known as Kenny B around Galbraith.

Ken showed us several hours worth of fun, future-thinking trails all over Galby. After only two rides away from our local haunts we're getting the idea that the land managers everywhere *else* seem to 'get it': Cater to the new school crowd or they're gonna serve themselves. Harumph, harumph!

A few short hours worth of driving north brought us into Whistler, where the forecast is for rain, rain, and maybe some partly cloudy wedged in with yet more rain. Time to re-learn wet weather dressing *and* riding skills.

We're finally back here. Game on.



  1. The juxtaposition of colorful flower compositions and air time on video is delightful.

  2. Mike- your pics are simply incredible.

  3. Roger that Phil and Roman! You and Scotty CHARGE so hard..yet take the time to stop and smell the flowers.