Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just days after the last run at the red route, a gap in the wheelbuild queue presented itself. Not one single build in the queue could be advanced until UPS showed up with missing parts at ~4pm, which (duh!) is quitting time. So in essence I had the day to spend.

With the last run at 'red' glowing fresh, front and center in the memory banks, the choice seemed simple to me.

Landon, Skippy, and (of course) Milly agreed, so off we went.

Although we rode an almost verbatim route, the vibe of this day was different. Last time was about being, grooving, and seeing. This time? Charging. Mostly it was Skippy and Landon getting after it, but I found myself inspired by their lines and execution and occasionally dropped in or arced across as well.

The highlight of the day was, literally, the light. Soft, warm, glowing, at times even ethereal. If I say I've had better light to ride in and shoot with in the last year, well, I haven't.

Thanks for the day, gents. May another, similar but somehow different (better?!) happen again soon.



P.S. A word about the music I choose for these slideshows, More and more often I find myself mildly offended at the in-your-face style of people, music, television, movies, ads, etc... Sometimes the music will completely put me off of an otherwise worthwhile effort. So my aim is not to choose a milquetoast substitute, but to actually find something subtle, with a little soul underlying it. Methinks 'generation now' could use a heaping helping of subtle, or at least an introduction to the basic concept.

And while this journal is *my* creative outlet, I'd appreciate honest (constructive!) criticism on the direction and overall quality of the content. Wanna see (or hear) more (or less) of something? Tell me. Thanks.


  1. "which (duh!) is quitting time."

    Quitting time for the self-employed? Good one!

    Music? It's all good. And you should do just that, keep up the good work.

  2. Don't do anything different. Maybe tell me how you can use copyrighted music in your vids though? LOL!

    You and your pals are an inspiration for us old GOB'ers out here. It is awesome to see what is possible on a bike.

    I would only ask if I may.. don't understate you skills, talents and the incredible variety and beauty of the area you enjoy. The level you guys ride at is incredible.

    We are jonesing to get back there next spring!


  3. Scott--good catch. Not so much quitting time as normal break time for dinner or a quick ride/hike/nap, before coming back down and working late. Again.

    Buzz--I've always wondered why I don't get my hand slapped for using the music I do. Perhaps because I use it with respect and always give credit? LOL. No understatement of skills happening on my part--the people I generally ride with always humble me, at least during the times that I can keep up to see what's happening.

  4. Love the pics and enjoy the music but then I am closer to 60 than 50. I envy those wide open spaces but not sure I could deal with the large rocks. Roots are one thing, rocks are another for us not so accomplished riders. Got to ride in Sedona for half a day, just enough to know I want to go back west.

  5. Hi Scott, at 45 and catching a goodly amount of web content for MTB, you flavour is great. Cool tunes and GREAT imagery. Change nothing.

    Neil in NZ

  6. You can use the music in videos if you own the rights. Not so much if you are "borrowing" it. At least that is my understanding.

    Mike: Loved the shot of the raven over the bike and the sequence shots. The run in to that drop is tough methinks.

    Personally, I like the photos posted in the open rather than in a video/slideshow. I prefer video for moving pictures. I understand the appeal of video because it allows one to put together the material to tell a story and post in one single panel, but I have never come around to liking it all that much.

  7. quitting time.. what a concept!

    blue man group.
    I came across that album 10 years ago and have always liked it even if they are a Vegas institution.

  8. Just keep doing what you are doing. I look forward to each and every post. The pictures are mind blowing! Thanks

  9. If the images are strong, (as yours are) the in-your-face music is like wearing plaid and strips together, too much. In this case, it is as you say "your creative outlet" which means the music should support not supplant the images. Your choice of music does that very well.

    I still go back to the "wrinkle your nose" in Oct anytime I need an inspiration to ride. Between that and the Bittersweet Symphony, those two will keep me riding a long time.