Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just days after the last run at the red route, a gap in the wheelbuild queue presented itself. Not one single build in the queue could be advanced until UPS showed up with missing parts at ~4pm, which (duh!) is quitting time. So in essence I had the day to spend.

With the last run at 'red' glowing fresh, front and center in the memory banks, the choice seemed simple to me.

Landon, Skippy, and (of course) Milly agreed, so off we went.

Although we rode an almost verbatim route, the vibe of this day was different. Last time was about being, grooving, and seeing. This time? Charging. Mostly it was Skippy and Landon getting after it, but I found myself inspired by their lines and execution and occasionally dropped in or arced across as well.

The highlight of the day was, literally, the light. Soft, warm, glowing, at times even ethereal. If I say I've had better light to ride in and shoot with in the last year, well, I haven't.

Thanks for the day, gents. May another, similar but somehow different (better?!) happen again soon.



P.S. A word about the music I choose for these slideshows, More and more often I find myself mildly offended at the in-your-face style of people, music, television, movies, ads, etc... Sometimes the music will completely put me off of an otherwise worthwhile effort. So my aim is not to choose a milquetoast substitute, but to actually find something subtle, with a little soul underlying it. Methinks 'generation now' could use a heaping helping of subtle, or at least an introduction to the basic concept.

And while this journal is *my* creative outlet, I'd appreciate honest (constructive!) criticism on the direction and overall quality of the content. Wanna see (or hear) more (or less) of something? Tell me. Thanks.