Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rhythm and melody?!

From me?! As if!

Instead, would you settle for a little color and texture?

From the time I first held a camera I've been smitten with the idea that you can share a specific part of your world with someone that hasn't been there. From that idea it has usually followed that you can not only share certain parts of it, but you can omit the things that you don't want them to know about, or that you'd rather not see.

Case in point was last week's vacation to SW Utah. Sure, there were a few other people out there, but you wouldn't necessarily know that by looking at the pics that follow. And the weather? Well, it was pretty good--a mite windy (hence overcast, with poor light) most of the time and a skosh hot (hence washed out skies) at others. But again--the ability to point the camera at things that show what you want to remember (color! texture! light!) and away from things you don't allows a guy like me the ability to paint the vacation as some sort of idyll.

In a way it *was* idyllic, and that's the point. It's not that I don't want to think about the heat, wind, or crashes, it's that I'd rather dwell pleasurably on the stunning scenery we saw, the laughs we had, and the lasting impressions that made it back home with me.

So, pay no attention to the fact that ~1700 shots were deleted from the trip. Instead, sit back and enjoy the ~100 that stayed.

While you're watching, maybe ponder what it means to roundfile 1700 shots. To me, it means that I'm taking more snaps than ever. Exponentially more, actually. My overall success rate is *much* lower because I'm experimenting more and failing often. But the ones that I do keep? To my eye, they're better than ever in composition, creativity, and clarity. Which is not to say that they're *good*, merely that I can see progress!


We camped atop Gooseberry Mesa for 5 nights. Ride shots are from the trails on Goose as well as nearby Guacamole, Grafton, and Little Creek. Hike/swim/rap shots are from Pine Creek in Zion.

Big thanks to B for ushering me safely down Pine Creek and attending to the important details while I alternated between awestruck quivering wonder at the scenery and abject whimpering pee-down-the-leg-of-my-rental-wetsuit horror when it came time to clip in and swing out. I hope to return the favor someday soon...


Friday, May 14, 2010

The height of spring.

Spring continues her slow-speed steamroll right over the top of us. Most flowers are blooming and some trees are fruiting, yet temps have hardly felt springlike and we're halfway to June. Wonder if that means the snow might stop coming soon?!

Sure don't mean to sound like I'm complaining. I've been enjoying the heck outta our unseasonably cool temps, as have a few of my local compatriots. Hard to believe <-that vid was shot (mostly) in the same county, and on the same weekend, as the one below.

So be it. Relish what presents itself, I always say.

Without further ado, a few million pixels from the last ~week outside.

Good weekend.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pixels, mostly.

The season is in full swing from a riding and bizness standpoint. Every minute of every day seems to be accounted for, even if only to watch rain dripping steadily from an eave or turning lazily and sloppily into wet snowfall.

Somebody's gotta do it...

Flowers are blooming, blossoms on trees are fading, soon to be replaced by fruit. The world is green, except where it isn't, and around here that's where we put the tires, which is what puts grins on our faces.

As always, words can't quite paint the picture quite the way a million-plus pixels can.

So, here:


Ah. Si.

Good weekend.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Dead soldiers.

You know it's time for new ones when:

The insides look (and smell...) much worse.

I've gotten every penny outta these guys over the past few seasons of local chunk, regional bikepacking, and all of the ding-dang off-bike hiking involved in trying to be a photogeek.

And yes, I already snagged another pair. Downright cheap IMO.

Awesome shoes--comfy as slippers with none of the BS buckles or carbon or other assorted viagra that non-riding magazine editors tell you you need.