Sunday, January 9, 2011

The IditaTour: Part two.

Another seven days of travel encapsulated in the montage below--from just before Takotna to just past Kaltag.

I tried (when editing the video) to give some idea of morning, day, and night, but the reality (when shooting the clips) was that all effort was devoted to forward progress, and I just couldn't focus tightly enough on the vid. Thus, the bulk of the shots are daytime when it was warmer and more doable. Another way to look at it is that (in the video) things all blur together into one endless day--and that's *very* accurate to how it was out there. Even thinking back I have a hard time calling up where certain campsites were, or which memorable events happened on which days. One big blur.

The entirety of this segment was shot below zero--the high temp in this 7 day stretch was about -5, with 4 nights of roughly minus 55. Yes, those were difficult nights. Average daytime temps were closer to minus 20, which turned out to be nicer than you'd guess because the sun was shining and there was no wind.

Enough details--much more important sensory data to be gathered right here:

Part three HERE.




  1. Absolutely stunning Mike!

    Looking forward to part three!

    Is that stove fuel you are carrying in the frame?

    Very interesting technical setup on the bike and packs. Maybe a story on that someday?


  2. Amazing Mike! Loving every second of your Alaska videos.

    What kind of thermometer do you use?


  3. Very well done.

    May I ask the purpose of the bash ring?

  4. What can I say? Absolutely fantastic Mike. What a wonderful story.

  5. As usual, very nice Mike.

    Your Alaska adventures are I admit just a wee bit seductive, if the learning curve was flatter maybe even thinkable……..

    Look forward to 3

  6. Well, it may have been cold up there, but at least I see you still had your sense of humor. Some pretty funny bits in there.

  7. Really really really cool! Have been waiting for these!

  8. Hi Mike thanks for all your great info. And all the best on your adventures. I have just started riding a snow bike and am fast becoming an addict...LOL Just wondering if you are on Facebook? If you are I would like to add you so as to pick your brain about these awesome bikes and adventures from time to time.
    Donnie Collins, Gravenhurst, Ontario Canada

  9. Hey MC,
    Have any of your family or close friends ever tried a Mike & Ike intervention on you?

  10. Well worth the wait. Breathtaking!

    Thanks for sharing the tale.

  11. That old sourdough in the window was a nice clip.

    PS: Hey Doogs! Miss ya buddy.

  12. Ciao Mike
    I am Italian Maurizio Doro and have finished Idita Rod in the 2002, we were on the same paht. Do you remember?
    Your film is very special and has made me remember the unique one experience. Thank you. It is like a magnet and it attract much.

    I in the March 2010 has crossed the Yukon.

    I send you a big salute
    the life is an adventure

    Ciao Mauri

  13. Mike, that's some freaking awsome work. Thanks for sharing that. You are one creative mofo, too. Keep it up!
    d crisp

  14. Mike,

    These have been just amazing to watch. I sit and watch amazed at what you did both on the bike and with the camera. This should be available on DVD! SERIOUSLY! Just amazing! It's better than most of the documentaries I've seen in the past few years.

    Thanks again for sharing.


  15. I've just stumbled across your blog and I must say that your video is amazing! And your Alaska tour is inspiring! Wish that were something I could do!

  16. Awesome, simply awesome on so many levels.

    Given the temps you were dealing with, I am really impressed with the fact that you were able to consistently take photos and video throughout the journey.

    You are obviously very comfortable in extreme conditions now and to me that is the most impressive aspect. I can barely take my hands out of my pogies to wipe frozen snot from my face once it drops below zero.

    Looking forward to #3.