Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doogan Day.

We don't have access to stunning backcountry skiing from home, but we do have easy access to some pretty OK stuff. Fang and I woke on this day and checked all the RAWS sites on the Mesa to learn that down low they had maybe 4" of fresh, but up high the storm totals were closer to a foot. At that I closed the laptop and started throwing gear into the car.

45 minutes of driving got us to our starting point, and from there we did what came naturally.

Fang likes to run immediately behind me when I'm turning. Took me a bit to realize that with the upturned tails of my skis he was just getting himself non-stop faceshots. Smart puppy.

Powder days are all but gone for this season, but there's heaps and gobs of creamed corn left out there for the taking.

We'll be back up--hopefully this week.


1 comment:

  1. My dog does the same darned thing when I'm running...what is that? Granted my runners aren't as chippy as your skiis, but still, how many faceshots can they want?