Sunday, April 3, 2011


Between building wheels and answering emails today I've been checking the weather--both online and out-the-window. Lots of precip means I've then gone back to answering emails and building wheels.

In a very, very brief not-raining-spell, I snuck out with a new lens and took a couple of shots. As far as macro-capabilities, this lens goes to eleven. Thus, I've appended a few words to each image to help you understand what the heck they are!

First, an easy one--bowl fulla spoke nipples:

Head of one spoke.

Dandelion, apparently drowning.

Recent rain on a big blade of grass.

Various magnifications of a single cottonwood leaf.

Aside from the dandelions, these little purple guys are the only color in the yard thus far. Friend or foe? Too early to call. The entire blossom, if indeed it can be called that, is about the size of a pencil eraser.

(Remember pencils?!)

Tip of a juniper 'leaf'.

Droplets on a tulip bulb.

Love that you can see the intricate texture of the 'fabric'.

Whatever the purple thing is, I could not, cannot see it with a nekkid eye.

Artsiest shot of the day: tulip stalk as seen through a droplet dangling from the blossom.

And then the rain/sleet/snow moved back in...

Fun to look at things from a bugs-eye-view for a spell.



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  1. Macro lenses are absolutely amazing and you've done a great job showing that. Now I just need to save up my loose change and get one some day.