Friday, April 15, 2011

'twas a wonderful night for an evening.

All of the ingredients were right: I'd shipped all the day's wheels with time left over to answer the most pressing batch of emails, tossed a fresh coat of chain lube onto a brand-spankin' new bike, grabbed helmet and pack, spun out to the trailhead and arrived at the meeting place in time to catch my breath and savor a plethora of heretofore hidden cholla.

And then we rode.

You know how on some rides as soon as the group is back together someone's chomping at the bit to take off and keep moving, if not 'racing'? If they even stop to begin with? Not tonight. No hurry, no agenda, just a leisurely flowing pace that allowed us to enjoy the ride, the scenery, and even the conversation.

Borrowed. Sporty.

Welcoming flora. Hero dirt.

And the spin back through town wasn't too shabby either.




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