Thursday, June 9, 2011

We've gone plaid.

Spring ended some time in the last week, giving way to all that comes after. You know, summer? When life speeds up beyond fast, beyond ludicrous even, and spins out into plaid?

Feels like we're jussssst shy of that. For now.

Case in point: Most of these shots were taken in a 48 hour window...

Somebody got a new boat. Any guesses on how she's taking to it?!

Huckin' Skippy. Not bad for a dead guy.

A bit of a teaser--full 'splanatory post comin' shortly.

Fang and I pulled our first cutthroat of the season out from yonder ice.

Sprocket tests the waters. "Full" was his conclusion.

'Hyperspace jets'? Nope, just Greg.

Like, totally knobular.

Combat skiing. With our skillset, the only kind of skiing we know.

Fang in full frolic.


Illuminated from within? Or something.

We're doing what we can to savor each moment; Mundane, spectacular, or vaguely inbetwixt. A bout of silence at sunset; a cool breeze on a 90* day; the sound of water dripping from the dog as he points at quail in the riverside brush. And so much more.

Summer is wonderful, hypnotic, maddening (from a certain perspective) and above all, fleeting. Hope these pics have inspired you to get out amongst it.

Thanks for checkin' in.