Wednesday, November 23, 2011

End of the season. Really. No, really! I'm serious this time!!

That's what they keep telling us--impending snow, not just in the mountains but right down to the valley floors. Stay indoors. Remain calm!

And if it snows, well, this time of year it just might stick around for a few months. Which doesn't necessarily *end* the riding season, but if you've ridden snow (and underlying ice) atop rock you can appreciate that it does change one's viewpoint of the trail dramatically. The end is near!

But we seem to be stuck in a vortex of sweetiousness as far as the weather pattern, so today was actually among the (if not *the*) nicest riding days we've had all season.

4th time this week, actually.

No words, really, for how good this year has been from just about every perspective. So many people, and places, and things, to be thankful for.