Friday, April 29, 2011

Nuthin' to see here.

Or, put another way, nuthin' *new* to see here. Just an incomplete visual record of how we spent our week outside.

Which, I guess, could be construed as a pretty dang good way to spend the days of our lives.

All depends on what you're into.

Good weekend,


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goose with the guys.

A few weeks ago I met some friends, old and new, down in SW Utah. We'd loosely planned several days of riding, camping, lots of pictogeeking, and even a slot canyon.

But then the weather did what the weather does--made a mockery of our plans. We had one solid day of bluebird, but the others were filled with rain, sleet, snow, blustery winds, and more cold rain. We ended up shelving the slot canyon immediately--one look at the collective adipose of the guys I was with was enough to know that they'd have died in the water in those temps. (Skinny bastiges always ruin stuff...) And we spent better than a day cooped up 'inside' at camp, watching the rain turn to sleet and snow and back.

In the brief moments of non-precip, we did our best to enjoy ourselves by hiking when it was too muddy to ride, riding when and where we could, not to mention shooting guns and even burning stuff. All good, solid, man-affirming things to be doing, especially in the presence of, um, other men.

Even with the 'downtime' due to precip, we managed to enjoy the hzeck outta ourselves, squeezing every last iota out of every minute we had.

Great, great stuff--thanks fellas.


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Or something.

Here's an end o' week sampler to get you through the workday, get you stoked for the weekend, or just to show some pixels.

Short sleeves, sunshine, fragrant (flagrant?) flora, and hero dirt. A guy could *really* get used to this...