Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well, kinda. But not really.

I'm enjoying warm temps and sun as much as I always do, but the closer we get to when spring usually happens around here (about 6 weeks from now) the more I realize how screwed we're gonna be if it doesn't start rainsnowsleethailing. Soon. And often!

Think forest fires, crop failures, brush fires, and massive stress on larger critters--we do live in a desert after all. And lots of dust in the air as the spring winds pick up. Which makes the snow melt faster, which makes summer come sooner, which brings us closer to swirling the drain...

Sorry--this was s'posed to be an 'it's-the-weekend' stoke post. Ahem. Here's a few pics from the one true MTB ride I did last week. I think the ice is about to come off the local lakes, which means boating could soon be back on the docket.