Monday, March 26, 2012


Maybe not where you are. But here, now?


Almost too much, too soon, with 80* temps, dust, wind, and allergies, and even (so I hear) forest fires starting already.

"Engine room? Need water, stat!"
My weenie elbow continues taking it's sweet time healing, which means riding, when it happens, is on pavement. Flat, mellow, boring-as-hell-but-beats-the-alternative pavement. I'll spare y'all the pics of that.

One variation on a "ride" lately involves tossing 90# of ballast (boat, paddle, Fang) into the trailer and pedaling down to the river.

Fang + water (any form of it) = happy.

L inflates, Fang masticates.

I'll give ya three guesses what L thinks of the water temp. Correct answer rhymes with "hucking bold!"

This was L's first real outing for the year, and first time in her redecked boat. So I didn't give her any grief when she took the weenie line through at first.

But after three weenie laps I said something, somehow, that convinced her to punch the bigger holes.

And after every lap you get a personal escort back to the top.

I've been practicing my rag-doll skills by attempting to surf the waves L is punching above. I've also been practicing humility by trying to learn the packraft roll. It is wonderful to have a vertical learning curve again.

Thanks for checkin' in.