Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The story goes that as Powell and his men floated the Colorado past the confluence with a certain Utah river, one of the men on the opposite side of the boat asked if they might be able to catch some trout from this as-yet-unnamed stream to supplement their diet. The reply was some version of 'Nah, she be a Dirty Devil...!'

Freakin' Filthy is more like it. Doom, Flipper, Greg, Fettucini, Weedzilla and myself immersed ourselves into the lower section over 2 days in March.

We parked not far from Hite on Friday after sunset, rigged the bikes, then pedaled off into the night. 26 miles of quiet, slightly ascending pavement riding that first night to camp. 16ish miles of rough 4wd and sandy wash riding the second morning to the put-in. 5ish hours (10 miles?) of floating that afternoon to camp, then ~10 hours (~20 miles?) of floating the next day back to the cars.

Ironic that I thought of it as a killer weekend trip, while Flipper praised it as '...a trip of a lifetime'.

Either way, we'll all be back to do it again in some fashion.

Flows were 140-150cfs. I might have walked my boat a total of 200 feet in 30 river miles. Still, 200cfs would have been better, 300 would have been super cush.

Music by The Section Quartet, "Such Great Heights".