Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hot as H-E-doublehockeysticks.

Or so they say it's been around here--hotter than any other summer in recent memory.

Could be, but it hasn't seemed so from my perspective. I think the simple addition of little boats to our weekly routine has drastically changed our perception of the local temps. Yes, I still sweat heavily on afternoon rides. Yes, I still drain my 3L reservoir in less than 2 hours. But I also end up shivering when practicing eskimo rolls in the local lakes, and usually need to come home and take a hot shower followed by immersion into a fleece hoody before bed.

It's all just perspective, I guess.

On that note, in the last few weeks I've jumped at opportunities to see new people and places, or to see old people and places through new eyes. Here with Scott Morris (!!!) on the Moab Daily:

And then with Skippy on a one-day mission in the Gunny Gorge.

Herself watched giddily as her toybox got a major overhaul--shiny new bike and boat in the span of two weeks:

Best way to dial in a new ride? Repetition in a controlled environment. L prefers this double set of steps out back of the bank.

Up in the hills summer is far advanced.

Continuing the theme of 'perspective', if you ever find yourself needing a fresh one, I recommend a few hours spent around kids. And yes, someone else's will work in a pinch.

The cape only hints at his superpowers.

Fortunately he still uses them (mostly) for good.

People, I'd like you to meet Gibson Webster. This'n has more personality locked up in his sweet little toes than anyone I've met or heard of in the last year. And his first words are still ahead of him.

Last bit about perspective comes courtesy of Fang. His twin sister had to be put down this week after a very fast and seemingly out-of-nowhere bout with thrombocytopenia. Fang notwithstanding, I'd wager my last nickel there wasn't a sweeter creature on the planet, and her passing has left my parents in a state of stunned and grievous bewilderment. The net effect on us is that any semblance of restraint that we once had toward spoiling Fang is now long gone.

And good riddance to that restraint, I say!

Thanks for checking in.