Saturday, December 1, 2012

2013 calendars.

For the last three years I've been producing and selling an annual photo calendar.

The first year I made a very limited number as the calendars were intended just for family and close friends.  But then friends of theirs learned about it, and requests started coming in from folks I'd never met.  

If you check this space even semi-frequently you're already familiar with the kinds of photos that fill the calendar--people recreating in beautiful places.  The samples within this post are among the 86 images that fill this year's edition.  

Quick math with the above digits will tell you that you're getting roughly 7 images per month, plus a front and back cover shot.

The images are organized seasonally, so you get winter shots in winter and summer, well--you get the idea.

Each calendar is 10" x 13", spiral bound, contains 12 months (which is roughly equivalent to a year--at least where I live), and is printed with enviro-geek inks on a very high quality recycled paper.

Each year I've dug a little deeper in an effort to keep the pricing reasonable.  And each year I've found that a quality product costs substantially more than the alternative.

So you can easily pick up any old calendar for fewer sheckels.  The tradeoff is that it will probably be printed overseas with gnarly inks, on non-recycled paper, and will contain far fewer (and lower quality) images than mine.

I think most that have seen or owned one of my calendars would agree that you'll have a difficult time finding a nicer product.

Price is $37 per, and that includes shipping.

I'll accept orders until December 10th.  

Once ordering is closed, this page will be removed and that'll be it--no more 'til next year.

Want one?  Two?  More?

Here's what you need to do.  
1) Log in to your PayPal account.  
2) Verify that your ship-to address is current.
3) Send a payment for $37 per to
4) Receive an email confirmation from me within a day or so.
5) Start expecting your calendar to arrive around Christmas.

The fine print: I will ship via USPS only, and to US addresses only.  The past few years I have shipped calendars to Canada, Oz, the EU, even South Africa.  The resultant hassles with customs (before and after shipping) make it not remotely worth my while to do so any longer.  Truly sorry 'bout that.

I'll amend/update this page if I've somehow omitted any pertinent info.

Questions or concerns?  Please put 'em in the comments below.