Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gosh, really--thanks.

About a month ago the intense busyness of summer began her slow, glorious fade into autumn.  Like a slow exhale from a held breath, today that fade continues, allowing precious time and perspective to notice and appreciate the life that surrounds us.

Among other things, this morning I find myself thankful:

To live in and among a place where the natural world can still be seen, used, and appreciated as it is and as it was, not merely as we'd like it to be.

To be a part of a unique, loving, supportive, and interesting family.

To be privy to the wisdom of the ages, especially as dispensed from within canyon walls...

...or by flickering firelight.

To have experienced firsthand *precisely* where the Black Canyon becomes the Gunny Gorge.

To be immersed within a diverse and fascinating circle of friends whom understand that personal limits are at once indefinable and constantly changing.

To be alive in a time and place where we are 'wealthy' enough to ask "Why me?", serene enough to understand that it could all end tonight, and possessing of just enough wisdom to keep the latter from spoiling the former.

I am thankful to be me, here, now.  And to you for as much or as little as you've been a part of it.

Let's keep it rolling, as long as we can, shall we?