Monday, December 17, 2012

Let it be.

Yesterday afternoon when the work was done and I guessed most of the crowds would be on their way home from the hills, I loaded up a bike and drove up onto the Mesa.

Seems like the snow in our little corner of Colorado is already deeper than it ever got to be last winter.

The thick clouds that spit intermittent snowflakes kept the temps mild, I sensed not a breath of wind, and the occupants of the last two cars remaining at the trailhead never showed themselves, meaning I had the place to myself.

The only hitch in my giddyup came courtesy of a persistent fast leak from my rear (tubeless, harumph) tire, ultimately halving the time I'd hoped to be out.

Still nice to get up there and set the stage for what I sincerely hope is about to become a *real* full-blown winter.