Sunday, December 23, 2012

The times and spaces between.

A few days ago a winter wind blew in and brought with it snow and much colder temps. Until that day, indeed right up til the last moments, we were out enjoying the golden light of late fall while rolling across dry dirt and rock.


I dare say Skippy even held his breath to savor the crunch of warm tires on dry dirt.


Already that seems like a very long time ago. Our thermometers haven't topped freezing since the snow fell. Which, in an odd way, is a blessing--frozen snow is not muddy slop, which means we can still get out to play off road.


That said, it's an odd time of year to live and recreate in the desert: Not enough snow to be able to ski or 'shoe, no need for fat tires to float, yet too much snow for a normal mountain bike to be much fun. 

Perhaps a good time to slow down and share time, stories, libations with friends?


 OK, so time spent talking is not my favorite thing--unless we're talking while moving.

Which brings us back to our current state of outside affairs: Cold and snowy.

Standing in line at the grocery you'll hear griping about the weather, nevermind that it's no colder nor snowier now than normal.  People just forget, or need something to complain about. 

Stand at a trailhead or any gathering of riders or runners, and complaints are not what you hear the most. The bulk of my riding group would prefer dry dirt or rock, but are happy for the diversion from that which we get most of the year.  Me too.  

But not Fang--he is *finally* in his element. 

 He loves to swim and splash and chase frogs, but given a choice I *know* that he prefers snow--the more the better.

Fortunately, a short drive brings us to butt-deep in the alpine.

My Dad has always been full of good advice.  I'll spare you most of it.  The one piece that stands out today is simple: Embrace whatever life presents to you.

Ok so those weren't his words at all, but I think that was what he meant...

Thanks for checking in.  Enjoy the season, whatever that means, wherever you are.