Friday, January 4, 2013

You betcha.

Winter has arrived in our neck of the woods, bringing that which normal winters do: Highs in the teens, lows below zero, and an ever increasing snowpack.  Valley floors are coldest, the heights are snowiest.

We've been getting out to embrace all of it with some regularity.

Despite the normalcy of the season and our efforts to enjoy it, we've fielded lots of incredulous questions.

Matronly bank teller: "Is that a...


...bicycle helmet?"

Urban cowboy, peeking into my car while topping off the tanks of his spotless turbo-diesel: "Is that a kayak paddle?"

Wannabe gangsta kid sweeping the 'frozen treats' aisle at the grocery: "Are those... shoes? 

Fortysomething hippie chick lacing ancient leather boots to kick and glide atop a 40" snowpack, as I unload Fang and the Snoots: "You're biking up here?  (pregnant pause...)  With HIM?!