Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter fat.

Or 'Fat winter'?

'Winter of Fat'? 

All apply, literally and the other way too. 

Below, a pile of images to relate the story of what has happened the past few months, as well as what's about to the next few weeks. 

The idea you should already be getting is NOT that we've ridden a lot this winter.  But that the riding we've done has been 'of quality'.  We've made it count.

We've tried everything to get him to cheer up, but nothing seems to be working.

The zenith, tip-top, absolute pinnacle in the life of Fang is pretty straightforward: A luxuriant high-alpine snowbath with both parents present.

May we all have such lofty aspirations.

Detubifying fats is still a work in progress...

(XX1 ring = schwing!)

Unlike the rest of the state, we've got plenty for our current needs.

Actually, check that.  Boating season approacheth, thus more would be fine.

Deep snow + minimal traffic = squoooooshy tires.  It's that or walk, and we still walk plenty.


First one of the year. Caught, squished, then flicked to the hungry horde above. Saved us all hundreds of thousands of her progeny in one fell swoop.

(super crazy XX1 schwing!)

Admittedly, the above photo dump could lead one to a blurrier conclusion than the one I've been driving toward.

So I'll just spell it out.  I've spent the winter preparing to ride difficult snow conditions (in AK) by riding difficult snow conditions (in CO).  Each ride was an opportunity to test new gear, retest proven gear, or remember why I'd previously chosen that gear.

Once the testing was complete, I procured a few weeks of fuel:

Stripped it down to the essentials:

Loaded it onto a freshly tuned and utterly dialed Snoots:

Then shipped the whole lot north.  I'll be reunited with 'it all' in Anchorage tomorrow, then riding northwestward on Friday morning.

The plan is to enjoy, at whatever pace feels right at the time, a tour of the South Route of the Iditarod Trail.  Not racing, no aspirations of producing an all-inclusive video, just touring.  Riding bikes with friends, camping under stars and (fingers crossed) aurora, stopping for mooseburgers and moose chili and swiss moosesteaks as often as they present themselves.

In a matter of minutes I'll be turning off that light switch, walking out that door, and spending the better part of the next few weeks phoneless and computerless.

Hope to have some visuals and stories to share when I get back.

Thanks for checkin' in.