Monday, June 3, 2013

On the cusp.

Cessation of wind +

(rapidly) increasing temps +

glowing globemallow +

(rapidly!) dwindling numbers of tourists = 


There is a certain finality to that statement if you count yourself among us desert dwellers.

The translucent glow of yellow, purple, orange, or pink flowers is a welcome sign, a cause even for celebration (water! and sun!) but also a harbinger of...


Heat, in a word.  

Our next three months are consistently hot by almost any standard.  Surviving, even thriving is easy in this modern world, but we do so always with an eye toward fall.  The shoulder seasons are what make summer tolerable here.

Please enjoy a few hundred thousand pixels illustrating how, and even a bit of why, we've enjoyed the last moments of spring.


Hope that you have, in your own way and place, been doing a lot of the same.

Thanks for checkin' in.