Monday, October 21, 2013

A farewell to summer... the form of a hello to fall.

Pigpen and I found ourselves with a free weekend to spend.  High pressure dominated as did a just-full moon.  Seemed sacrilege to be anywhere other than under wide open skies.

We played the omniterrain card largely because we each have new toys to suss out.  That, and I've had my eye on an unconventional route into Canyonlands that needed a closer look.

Monsoons *really* left a mark this year.

At the Green, time to unrig/rerig.

Would have loved nicer weather, but couldn't think of how to improve it.


Side hike.  "Wow--what river is that?!"

Mouth of Horseshoe Canyon.  Left the boats and went a-walkin'.

My potential route, true to form, seemed ambitious for the time allotted.  We gladly shortened it and made an early camp.

Next morning, back to the boats to water and coffee up.

Oozed along with the current for a few miles before a sandy track joined the river.

Took out, unrigged/rerigged one last time.

Bit o'shwackin'.

One last hill to hump up.

With no real agenda other than to be outside paying attention, it'd be hard to call the weekend anything other than awesome.

Thanks for checkin' in.