Monday, October 14, 2013

Ordinary time.

I've been a recovering catholic for longer than I was a practicing catholic.  And by 'practicing' I mean 'Going along with the ruse to delay another caning at the hands of Sister Ralph'.  

I've largely moved on from something I didn't really believe in.  But just because you don't believe in something does NOT mean that the devout did not leave a mark on you.

WTH am I on about?

Occasionally some little nuance of that sect will rear it's oddly shorn head and stop me in my tracks.  Best I can recollect, to a catholic 'ordinary time' means one of those times of year when they aren't killing their savior, nor resurrecting him, nor heaping guilt onto anyone within heaping distance, neither casting aspersions on us heathenish common sinners.

I confess (ha!) that I didn't spend a lot of time ruminating on the idea--maybe 90 seconds and then I was snapped-to by an impatient checkout kid demanding payment for ice cream.

In my current world, 'ordinary time' has taken on a different, much more guilt-free meaning.

Now it means, simply, 'A time to savor'.

Rather than wrap increasingly irrelevant words around this thought, throughout this post I've sprinkled recent images of what we do and where we go when we take the time to remember why we're here.

Thanks for checkin' in.