Monday, November 18, 2013

3 days, day 3.

An early start.  Crisp autumn air, long sleeves.  An empty parking lot overarched by cerulean skies and framed by ancient domes of petrified sand.  Perhaps most noticeable to all: the acrid scent of torched legs.

We took our time on the early climb, patiently unraveling it against the protests of our wilted bodies.

We all flailed on simple stuff--the kind you'd do blindfolded while juggling on a 'normal' day.




Chunky and odd--just the way he likes it.

Playing on some B lines, more of an up-turn-off skills drill than anything else.

The move I'm on above is the same move Eric is on in the next two pics.  Narrow janky ledge entrance to a steep roll with a twist.

History lesson.

Looks like not much.  Depends on your 'eyes' whether it is or not.  I pedal kicked it, but I was not remotely 'on' so it looked chunky and ugly as executed.

Not wanting to risk the near-stuff I'd done, Eric manualed off.  He made it cleaner but his rear wheel took a beating as a result.  That's their job, right?

Bonus points for E in making it back up cleanly.

With a long drive and expectant family to tend to, Eric flipped it here and headed back from whence we'd come.  Jeny and I napped for the next ~hour, then resumed our day at an even more leisurely pace.


One track?  Yep--mine.  Any more on this route and I'd be plain disappointed.

We've tried everything but we just can't seem to get her to cheer up...

Linking dome to dome entirely on cairn-free, paint-free, and rideable rock is an enjoyable game, made moreso by the views near and far.

Earning every inch.

Stopping to savor the where, when, and who.

You can see and hear the difference, but the quality of the rock under your tires *here* has to be felt to be believed.  Call me a rock-hugger--the shoe fits.

Eventually we made our way onto Captain Ahab.  I gasped my way up the climb, silently chuckling at the wreckage of bodies and egos as Jeny picked off everyone in sight and left us all struggling in her wake.

'Welcome to my world' is all I can say.

She waited for me where the trail tilted down, then we played a prolonged game of cat-and-mouse on this delightful descent.

The ride ended at the parking lot, but the glow followed us to the brewery, back onto the interstate, and throughout the ensuing workweek.  As it should be.

Thanks for tuning in.