Thursday, November 7, 2013

Out the side door.

We're creatures of habit--just like you.

Given a choice on where we head for pre-work, post-work, or half-day-off rides, we usually don't think too much about it.  We head out the front door to ride chunky xc, or out the back door to hit the cross-stuntry stuff.

Then every few months we bump our heads and remember that there's good, unique, different stuff out the side door too.

Little-used.  Creative.  Primitive.  Heady.  Exposed.  All of these descriptors fit, but no one or even two combined can really get at the heart of what I *really* savor when riding these trails.

What is it--what so tickles my fancy out there?  Other than the writ-large scenery, quality and variety of rock, vast proliferation of ledges and edges?

I could tell ya.  But then, well, you know…

(…I'd hafta keel ya.)

I'll give two hints.

First, there are virtually infinite line choices, many of which we've burned into our brains as sequences like this one:

Not visible in the pics above are the umpteen little must-make-moves along the way to get each sequence to 'go'.

Second, quite simply, is the quality of light and the not-yet-overdone-to-us scenery.  The former is largely attributable to the time of year.

It took that light--and a few other things--to knock me in the head and make me realize that fall is right now upon us.  Time to stop blithely going through the motions as if it were still chaotic summer.  Tis the season to slow down and savor what's under the woodpile, behind the bootrack, and right out the side door.