Thursday, January 30, 2014


The anniversary of Jeny's birth occurred recently.

As one might expect, we spent it outside.  After weighing all options over a breakfast vanilla malt, we chose to sample the surface du jour.

What we were gifted was a bluebird day with warm sun on skin, firm trail under tires, zero traffic out with us.

We met these conditions with attention turned outward.

Often, grins could be seen on our faces.  And not just because of the incr-edibles we brought along to sustain.

Our route stayed above 10,000' all day, never quite making it to 11k.

Most often, the views that presented themselves were of subtle details close underfoot.  Tracks of ermine, fox, raven, rabbit.  Textured snow from movements of wind and sun.  Play of light and shadow on the margins of woods.

Sometimes, the views stretched out to encompass the wider world.  West Elks, Sierra La Sal, Unaweep Canyon, San Juans, Lone Cone, DeBeque Canyon, Uncompahgre Plateau, Grand Valley, Bookcliffs, Roan Plateau.

Later, we rode into and through the sunset, energized within by the light without.

Much later, we rode into and through darkness.  Not entirely with intent.  Nor was it entirely dark, for the way was shown to us by la luna.

Later still, tired, sore, and glowing, we finished our ride.  Went on the hunt for dinner.  Ate, then slept.

A single day, filled to the brim with a simple objective.  While nothing about it was truly remarkable, every single thing that happened was memorable.