Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh, and there.

Thusly supplied with pounds of Trader Joes necessities, we made our way to the Verde River day run.  

Overcast skies and moderate temps kept the fair-weather boaters away, leaving us with a quiet day on a fun and scenic stretch.

Jeny boat scouted then ran almost every rapid, choosing clean lines and executing them with skill.

Her smile sums up the way we felt after a day of December padding.

Next on tap: South Mountain Park in Phoenix.  And yes, I'm a sucker for leafing ocotillo.

Warm temps on a weekend meant the trails were packed.  Rookie move on my part, but we made the most of it by sessioning when needed--to give groups time to play through--and moving when that made more sense to do.

I've ridden SMP a handful of times and remembered a lot of the moves.  It was Jeny's first time here so we spent a few extra minutes when needed--scouting and scoping before lining up and taking runs at challenging sections.  The two pics above are the same sequence as the next shot below--and it's a rare person that gets it on their first-ever go.

The harder they are to clean, the more rewarding they always seem.

'nuther one o' them spine lines... 

A brief, extra chunky roll-in, with a big audience.

The place is full of chunky ups like this one.  Often the solution is found with slow speed and precision.  

I surprised myself by cracking this one with a teeny bit of mo' and a very direct line.

Jeny swears she's not a basher.  Uh huh.

Descending the chunktacular goodness of Holbert.

How much tire pressure?  *Just* the right amount.


On the way back out.

We finished at sunset, wringing every ounce out of our third vacation day.  Changed out of sodden clothes, then nabbed a Smashburger en route to meet M & M at the Salt.

Stick with us--more to come.