Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rolling the dice.

Early February at ~5,000'.  

A crapshoot, at best, where weather is concerned.  Last year I was riding and hiking on snow.  The year before I was boating in short sleeves.  Year before that I was single speeding on hero dirt.  Year before that I was skiing.

Nice options, all of them.

The past ~week has been warm, unsettled, and wet in our neck of the woods.  Riding before the mid-morning thaw wasn't possible, because the trails weren't freezing up overnight.  Hiking after sunset and into darkness scratched the after-work itch, but for the weekend we wanted more.

Several potential options were bandied about, and potential partners-in-crime were consulted.  Ultimately all of my old-man friends found reasons to stay indoors, so it was just Jeny and I that rolled the dice on the ~90 minute drive to the mecca next door.

Despite weatherdude predictions of 40 to 70% likelihood of rain, with 25mph winds all day, somehow we came up aces: Broken clouds, intense sun, infrequent wind.

In short, short sleeves.

Mid-winter light on textured rock is a photogeek's dream.

Despite that, the bulk of our time was spent pedaling.  We took an ~hourlong lunch and siesta, and spent maybe 10 total minutes with cameras in hand.  The rest of our all-day-out we were spinning the cranks.

Perhaps my favorite moments of this day were listening to the myriad ways that different kinds of rock resonated under our tires.

Which is another way of saying that we interacted with very few people, almost all of them lumped up in the same spot.

The other favorite part?  The jaw dropping (at least to me) juxtaposition of white and not white, alpine and desert, rock and not rock.

The pace of our day was casual, unplanned, playful.  No agenda, no need to be anywhere other than present in the moment.  No problem.

Today, back to grey wet slushy foggy winter.  

But with smiles on our faces, recharged thanks to a small gamble with a big payoff.

Thanks for checking in.