Friday, February 7, 2014

Yep, there too.

For 3+ years I've been hearing about and wanting to see the Salt River canyon. Although the flows were at the low end of runnable, we were here, with boats, and the sun was shining.  Bonus that we were able to cross paths with Moe and Marlena on their ominiterrain tour of AZ.

A late put-in and (s)low flows meant that we spent a substantial part of the float in shade.

Moe spent an anxious moment pinned in this thin spot before self extracting.  The rest of us popped our skirts and walked our way to the pool below.

As cliched as it sounds, we truly did spend the entirety of this day with smiles plastered on our goofy faces.

No trip to Arizona can be complete, for me, without a day spent on the glorious, steep, and scratchy chunk in the 50 Year area.

Getting the idea why?

It is difficult to look 'up' enough to notice the cerulean blue sky when riding the 50.  It is a place that requires focus, attention, and precision to keep from bleeding all over the rock.

Scott, sanitizing the joint.

One o' them off/gap/pivot then manual moves.


"You go first."  "No, you!"

If you don't have a point-blank manual in your pocket when you get here, you'll get lots of chances to hone it.

Going down.

The one shortcoming of this area is a lack of climbing challenges.  You earn every ounce of your vert, but it's mostly smooth and non-challenging.  Which might be good because you stomp your adrenal gland to a withered husk on all of the down moves.

Late in the day we arrived at the Lunch Rock.  Formerly known as the Lame-O roller.  Scott walked up and looked once, twice, thrice, then backed up, clipped in, and sent it.  First time for everything, and he made it look easy.

And then, wanting to ingrain the motion, he did it againandagainandagain.

Daylight got thin as we rallied the lower luge-esque trails leading back to the barn.

Standing and savoring the day, the place, the friends, the light, someone realized it was New Year's Eve.  And then we gave thanks for a phenomenal last ride of 'thirteen.

Stick with us, one more day to go.