Sunday, May 18, 2014

Celebrating spring.

Living in this valley means embracing some wild seasonal swings.  While often short, winters can be fairly cold and heavy with snow.  I actually like winters more and more here, for some odd reason.

Summers are brutally hot regardless--in my opinion they are the 'price of admission' to live in this place.

Which leaves spring and fall, ~six heavenly months that make summer somewhat bearable.

Yesterday Jeny and I decided to get out and embrace spring while the breezes are still sensuous, the grasses green, and the flowers haven't yet been blast-welded back into the earth.

We had commitments Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, so our best option for max immersion seemed to be a sunset ride, camp out, then sunrise start to get back home.

Recent rains ensured that an already stellar wildflower season sustained itself a bit longer, not to mention kept the dirt closer to the 'heroic' end of the spectrum.

So glad we got out.

Thanks for checking in.