Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Must be doin' somethin' right.

The video below includes a whole buncha random clips dating back to September of '13, and as recent as last night.

It is an answer to 'what do you do with all that stuff you shoot but that isn't part of some bigger project'?

It is also an answer to, 'Are we spending our lives wisely?'

It makes me smile ear to ear on many levels.  Locations include Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and Mexico.

Trails include The Ribbon, Andy's, Moore Fun, Mack Ridge, 5 Miles of Hell, Land's End sledneck route, The White Rim, Lemon Squeezer at Pinky Point, and Kiwanis.

Streams include the Gunnison Gorge, Labyrinth Canyon, Westwater Canyon, The Verde and Salt day runs, Jarbidge and Bruneau Rivers, North Fork Gunnison, Waterton Canyon, Big Banana Falls, Plateau Creek, and the Big Sur wave @ Cameo.    

Companions include Jeny Jo, Doom, Greg Luck, Ben Phillips, Steve Lawlor, Pete, Fang, The Moe, Nick Wigston and his pet monkey, Curtis Heishman, and Kennan Vance.

Thanks to all of those that shot and contributed clips.

Thanks to you for checking in.