Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bontrager is winning.

Time for a semi-annual product spotlight. 

I rarely get excited enough about any geegaw to spotlight it, so the fact that you're seeing/reading this gives some idea of how strongly I feel about it. 

Introducing the Bontrager Jackalope TLR fat rims.


75mm internal width, 82mm external.


860g (average of 12 rims) *INCLUDING* tubeless tape and valve.


32 holes, welded seam. 

Not just true tubeless ready out of the box, but by far the easiest tubeless setup in fatland to date.


Thus far I've easily inflated a (new) Bontrager Hodag, (used) BFL, (used) Larry, (used) Knard, (new) Van Helga, (new) Dillinger 5, and (new) Snowshoe XL. 

 All with only a floor pump, no soap, no hopping up and down on one leg, no stupid/messy/heavy spilt tube, no pre-inflation with a tube to get one bead set. 

No shenanigans at all. 

To be clear, I wrapped the rim with one layer of Stans tape, pushed a valve through it, installed each tire by hand, paying no attention to where the beads sat on the rim, stuck the pump head onto the valve, pumped, and they took air and seated immediately. 


These just became my go-to aluminum rim.

I've brought in a pile of the nekkid rims, and will be custom building them one-at-time to whichever hubs, spokes, and nips your little heart desires. 

Good time to be in the market for tubeless fat wheels!