Monday, November 10, 2014

Clear, cold, and tired.

A clear, crisp afternoon fades slowly into the pinkness of evening.  

Crunching through red, yellow, brown leaves on the sidewalk leaving the shop.

Hints of woodsmoke in the air as I skedaddle up the hill away from town.  Hints of snow on the mesa above.  

Empty trails, tack-tastic from an afternoon shower.

Ostensibly I'm out testing tires.  Realistically I'm getting in an 'hour of power' before sunset.  Before winter.

Too early to conclude anything, but the first, second, third impressions of this pile of tires goes something like:

"That one rolls like a ball bearing."

"That'n's either gonna rip knobs off itself, or the grin right off your face."

"They oughta call that one Sybil.  No idea what personality it's gonna present next..."

None of these three pre-prod tires are available to buy, today.  

But a few months from now?  What a great time to be 'into' this 29+ thing.

Thanks for checkin' in.