Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Packrafting the Grand.

Back in October Jeny and I joined a superstar group of friends for a 3 week descent of the Grand Canyon.

We had raft support and, more importantly, moral support from our boat(wo)men.  They gave verbal beta from their higher vantage point when reading and running, and gladly eddied out while we scouted the rapids that demanded it.

In other words, we were given the tools to thrive.

I've spent a handful of hours on most nights since then, culling and editing the gigabytes of media I collected from the trip.  Alas, I'm still weeks away from having that ready to share.

I've been bombarded with questions from people (friends, media, rubberneckers) to ask how the packrafts did, so I threw together this (largely POV) quickie to allow folks to answer that for themselves.

In short: pretty damn well.  We ran every rapid on the river--lapping some, swimming others, drilling meat lines clean on most.

Check back in December for the rest of the story.