Tuesday, November 11, 2014


What do Glen Plake, Roman Dial, Will Gadd, and Lynn Hill all have in common?

The ignominy of having to share the limelight with a punter like me.

And poor Shackleton got dragged down to 'our' level...

* * * * *

After thinking about this for the last few hours, it occurred to me that I know a solid handful of people that deserve to be recognized on that list at least much as I do, and probably more.

Doom.  Tim Hewitt.  Gordy Vernon.  Thai Verzone.  Forrest McCarthy.  Pat Norwil.  Pat Irwin.  Brad Meiklejohn.  Eric Parsons and Dylan Kentch.  Rich Rudow.

And those are just the ones I know personally.

Add in those known through their deeds as told over campfires, and you have to include Dick Griffith and Luc Mehl.

At the end of the list on GJ there's a place where you can nominate someone.  Please do!

Thanks for checkin' in.