Sunday, December 21, 2014


Sometimes, dare I say often, we hesitate in getting outside when the time to do so arrives.

Could be that the temperature is something other than ideal.

Might be that there is precip not just in the forecast, but right there twixt us and the obscured horizon.

Sometimes it's dark, and the visual component is important enough not to be missed.

Rarely, but still more than never, there'll be no good reason whatsoever to stay inside.  But we will.

None of the above prevented us from sneaking out between the rain, snow, sleet, fog, and bookends of darkness yesterday.  

Photographically speaking, the light was crap.  Braptastically speaking, the dirt was.  

The trail we chose to ride is difficult, challenging, for anyone to ride clean.  When what you want to do is get from A->B as fast as possible, this is the last trail you'd ever choose.  

But when the mood strikes to test whatever your current skillset is against a number of chunky crucibles, this trail is hard to beat.

Jeny had an uncharacteristically off day on a few of the moves, allowing me the borderline unprecedented opportunity to shoot her sessioning them.  Typically she cleans these moves first or second try then gives (sometimes annoyingly) optimistic encouragement as I flail ever harder at them.

In the end, no new ground was broken: We battled the trail to a draw, just like always.

We flashed some of the moves we usually do, and flailed but ultimately prevailed on the ones you'd likely expect.  

Ultimately only one of these moves completely confounded us.

We were unable to determine if the move had changed due to natural or man-made circumstances.

Soon enough, we'll be back to find out.