Friday, December 19, 2014

The pleasure was ours.

A few weeks back Jeny and I invited Doom to ride with us on a favorite set of trails.  Not really a loop per se, more of an inspired connection of dots.  This was a momentous occasion, an opportunity, for the shoe is typically on the other foot: He's usually playing tour guide for us.

What we love about this ride is the amalgamated blend of exquisite textured rock, the almost-always-sumptuous light, a distinct lack of hordes of humanity, the constant opportunities for discovery.  The riding itself is rather exceptional in it's own unique way, too.

And while Doom is a long ways from a freehuckin'-enduro-schralper, I was tickled to watch him come alive and embrace so much of what the earth (Doom is the originator of the term 'terrain brake') out there has to offer.  

As fun as it was to watch him engage, we were thrilled to embrace it on our own terms, too.

I loved, post-ride, downloading these pics and making note of how many times he had at least one wheel off the ground, in the midst of some sort of dynamic, inexplicable move.

I loved watching Jeny shine out there too.

In the end all that we did was to spend a chunk of a day faffing about on bikes.  

To us, there and then, it was so much more.