Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A week of winter...

...does not a not-weak winter make.

The last ~2 months have looked like this.

Positively gorgeous, which is what you'd expect of fall and spring around here.

Except that it's the heart of winter, and our most popular trails (light on moisture and heavy on traffic) have already become linear sand dunes.

Finally, on Friday it started to snow.

By Sunday enough had fallen to make fatties necessary for the first time in months.

The irony of finally having fatbike-worthy conditions?

In 7+ hours out on trails in the shadow of Denver, Jeny and I saw one other rider.

(Hey Cal!)

Complaining?  Hell no.  

I'll take empty trails for any reason every day of the week...

...and twice on Sunday.  Which is pretty much how it worked out.

Alas out my back door the snow is already nearly gone.  Hoping that the weather wench predicts gloom and snowy doom for at least a few more weeks.  Our trails and flowers and rivers and psyches are all badly in need.

Thanks for checkin' in.