Sunday, February 8, 2015


Winter in our neck of the woods should, and typically does, look like this:

^ That pic was taken a few weeks back, in the 'heart' of winter.  Despite the appearance of deep snow, a trained eye will see a proliferation of surface hoar.  What you can't see, but what I can vouch for having been there, is that that hoar extends from bedrock to surface, regardless of aspect.

In other words: The snow is rotten and there isn't much of it.

And that's the good news.

Drop a few thousand feet, to the locales we can easily reach on an all-day ride, and it looks more like this:

Were this May, that amount of fast-receding snow would be just fine.

Drop another thousand feet and you get this:

Tacktastic hero dirt as far as the eye can see.

And while no complaints have been voiced about velcro dirt and exposed skin in February, we all know that in the grand scheme of things nothing good can come from this.

With no precip in the forecast, the reality is that our ephemeral wildflower season will be a brief blip, here and gone, before...

...well.  Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.  

If doom and gloom and a smoky blast-furnace summer are en route, so be it.  No sense dwelling on or pre-prognosticating it.


Meanwhile, we've taken all available opportunities to get out and put tires to dirt and rock. 

Nothing feels 'right' about blasting manuals through chunky holes in February.  We sessioned this'n several times trying to wrap our heads around it, to no avail.  Ultimately just moved on, perplexed.

Greg and Trina are set to jet down to Arizona next week.  You know, the way people do...


...when you're at ~5,000' in Colorado and need some relief from, uh...



Regardless of season or weather, this one is always enigmatic.  Conundrumful.  

Maybe just weird.

Yes, you really do have to make that ^ switchback, and no, we've never seen anyone clean it without at least a nose-pick-pivot, if not some full-blown hopping.

Tis the season for tuning up bodies and bikes.

Does the tone of this post seem incongruous, chunky, lacking flow?

If so, you get exactly how we feel about the winter that wasn't.

Thanks for checkin' in.