Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ninety one.

Just back from a forty-frog-day at the pond, in time for his afternoon nap.

13 years ago today Doogan came into this world.

In the ensuing 4,749 days he has been an unending source of joy, laughter, and gratitude to all that know him.  Especially me.

We've had some fantastic times together on trails, in lakes, camping and fishing, on and in rivers, and especially on snow.

He's been a model and photo assistant without equal.

As well as a top-notch routefinder and navigator.

He's helped unhook 99.9% of the fish I've caught in the last 13 years.  Regrettably, I've had to ask him to drop the handful that he's caught on his own.  Drool and release?

Arthritis and old bones mean that he doesn't have a lot to give when we get outside these days.  An hour or so is about it, otherwise he'll pay the price in soreness the next few days.

Our new normal is sometimes as simple as walking out the back door to the nearest patch of shade, his nose twitching in the breeze even as he sleeps, my hand stroking his neck or belly and telling him how good he is.

He's an old dog and he won't be around much longer.  Just trying to honor and spoil him with love, attention, and the places he lives to be, for as long as he can still enjoy them.