Saturday, June 27, 2015

Southcentral summer.

For years I've been fascinated by, possibly even salivating over, the creeks and rivers of Southcentral Alaska.  This area has been ground zero for the birth and evolution of packrafts and packrafting as we know them.

And while that evolution has since spread to a worldwide theater, there remains a dedicated core paddling group in Anchorage that continues to define and refine what can and should be done in a packraft.

 Each time I've paddled with Ganey, Brad, or Roman I've heard countless anecdotes about their favorite runs, to the point where it seemed flat wrong that I could recount some of these stories verbatim without ever having been on those rivers.

That needed to change.

Brad's invitation arrived at a particularly fortuitous time, and included an offer to both high-grade the local stuff as well as go deep and attempt an ambitious traverse with a potential first descent.

Roman's brief description of the traverse is here.

And the high-grading?

Right here.

Massive thanks go out to Brad and Roman for looking after my every need throughout, and for holding my hand when the creeks got steep.  Hope to repay those gestures ASAP.

Thanks for checkin' in.