Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Random 29+ test sessions.

The past ~month I've been more motivated to ride than at any time in recent memory.  Having two new and unique test sleds to suss out will do that to a guy.

Having some top-notch test pieces of various flavors out the back, front, and side doors does nothing to discourage that riding stoke.

Note front tire deformation below.  Rather substantial g-forces commence one split second after this pic was taken.

World-cup-winning XC forks can handle a lot more than you might expect.

Creative B lines are much more rewarding than blown out "A" lines.  Especially when ridden in reverse.

Not quite ready to spill the beans on where we've been and are heading with the Fatillac project.


Very, very special thanks to lovely Jeny for having the presence of mind to snag the video clips above while I was otherwise fixated on some piece of gearhead minutia and/or esoterica that few would notice and fewer still would care about.