Saturday, July 25, 2015

Her warm embrace.

My guess is that few among us (likely excepting Greg and Trina) could say with specificity when spring morphed into summer.  My hope is that many of us did indeed notice that day, even early in the morning, when our subconscious told our conscious self that there was no need for pants when shorts would do just fine.

Please enjoy a random smattering of moments beginning whenever spring ended and continuing up to and through the present moment.  

The summer season in Colorado is hard to beat in almost every way.  Long days, mild overnight temps, clear skies except during the blessed afternoon monsoons, with trails, rivers, and mountains to explore in every direction.  From where I sit it doesn't seem a stretch to say that summer embraces us almost as wholeheartedly as we cling to her.

Jeny outrunning mosquitoes on the Grand Mesa.

Greg practicing his boof on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison.

Camping under Marcellina, off Kebler Pass.

Brad just after picking himself up off the road, during the Grand Junction Off-Road.

Somehow Jesse didn't swim in the shot below.  Wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself. 

Jeny, Rustling.

Ganey in the Snake Pit, Cross Mountain Gorge of the Yampa.

Jeny, Rustling some more.

Greg rolling up after a boof gone sideways, Lake Fork of the Gunny.

Still life with PBJ, atop the Nest.

Ganey getting Osterized, Cross Mountain Gorge of the Yampa.

Milky Way at midnight, Numbers camp on the Arkansas River. 

Moody Marcellina at daybreak, happy Jeny with java.

Fatillac posing on the backyard trails.

Thanks for checkin' in.