Monday, August 3, 2015

Pedaling and peddling, new neighbors, plus Fang!

A few months ago Jeny and I moved into what we can only describe as our dream home.

It is not dreamy because it is palatial, opulent, or any other word that translates to big, shiny, new.


It is our dream home because it is small, simple, quiet, with lots of light, and very convenient.

While no place is truly convenient to everything, this one is mere minutes by bike from the things we deem important--like trails, rivers, lakes, and the shop.

On the subject of the shop, I am in the process of clearing out a whole lotta overstock and lightly used stuff.  Whole fatbikes, cargo bikes, lots of wheels and tires.  Watch this space often the next few weeks.

We've also discovered that our new home is really near to a great horned owl family, several writ-large mule deer, and a pile of frogs for Fang to exercise when the mood strikes.

It is not convenient to lift-served bike riding.  Can't have everything...

One of my two new commuters, below.  More on the second, soon.

Jeny getting after it on her new purple pony.

As neat as it was to have these two massive mulies *literally* in our back yard, eventually I had to waltz out and shoo them away before they completely denuded our baby aspens.  Varmints!

Bug season.

"That's close enough, bub."

Golden hour.

Fading to blue.

Thanks for checkin' in.