Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Several months ago when winter was fading but the heat of summer hadn't yet crossed our minds, we woke one weekend with hopes of getting out and riding bikes on our backyard trails.  

The trails had been clear of snow for a ~week, but only just, and the warming daytime temps meant that riding on dirt needed to be done (like finished) before 9AM.  Otherwise you'd wreck bike and trail by trying to ride in the mud.

On this particular morning we woke late, and to fog, and it flurried off and on as we breakfasted while discussing options.

As much as we wanted to pedal, to shake off the lethargy of winter, it seemed like a poor choice.  Mud is no joke here--as you'll see in the vid.

So we loaded packs with boats and hiked an old road, met up with the Gunnison River, then floated back to town.

A slightly-too-leisurely start to the day meant we floated the last ~10 minutes in darkness.

Walking roads and floating flatwater never give the same satisfaction, those feelings of athleticism and accomplishment, that you get from riding tech trail or paddling whitewater.

But they beat the hell out of staying home and doing nothing.

Thanks for checkin' in.