Wednesday, November 18, 2015


New bike time.

I thought I'd created an heirloom bike when I started bonding with my Eriksen a ~year ago.  That lasted a few months -- and kept getting better -- but then the Vee 2XL tires were announced.

There's really no way to grasp the volume of these tires if you haven't seen them in person.  An inch wider and two inches taller than anything that came before.

The snow we ride is deep, with minimal traffic to pack it, and there's simply no way to have too much flotation in these conditions.

And since the Vee's won't fit in the Eriksen, the writing was on the wall.

After seeing his handiwork in person I contacted Whit @ Meriwether Cycles to start a conversation about this build.  We've exchanged (no exaggeration) a hundred+ emails about this chassis, largely because we're out in front of the adoption of this size tire and rim, and lots of stuff had to be made custom.

217mm rear hub anyone?

Brad Bingham @ Eriksen was kind enough to chop two DT 350 hubshells in half, then spend several hours massaging them back together with a wider axle.  That's the foundation, and from there it got complicated.

Because geometry is so critical to keeping a bike (regardless of tire size) atop the snow, and because Whit has built many bikes for himself and his customers using the same snow-geo tenets I believe in, we had no trouble agreeing on what the geometry needed to be.

Getting there was going to be the hard part.

Eventually Whit will (or at least should!) do a post on the challenges and solutions he found in building this chassis.  When he does I'll link to it right here.

This is sitting somewhere in the belly of a UPS truck right now, scheduled to be dropped on my doorstep tomorrow morning.

More details to follow once it's hanging in the stand and I can get my filthy mitts all over it.


Initial build done.  It looks comical -- like a caricature of a bike!

Those tires are 133mm wide (5.2") on 105mm Kuroshiro rims.  Tubeless, and yes they set up with a floor pump.

Because prototypes of a 3XL tire (at 5.6" wide) have been spotted in captivity, Whit and I agreed to leave extra room on this chassis in case they ever get released into the wild.

26t ring up front, 10 - 44 spread out back.  Plenty.

17.3" chainstays, 12.5" BB height.

Many more details to follow.


  1. Please keep us updated on this. Excited to see the build.

  2. Wow MIke and I just purchased ur spare Erikson. Good work again.