Wednesday, November 11, 2015

First three on the Fatillac.

So I had three days to ride this bike before going in for surgery to fix the pain in my neck.  Three days, no more, and then a mandatory 6 week post-op hiatus to let the neck heal.  In that three days I tried to ride the messiest, chossiest, most rutted, chaotic, challenging trails I have in-a-day access to.  Because that's the forte of this bike, right?

On each of these three rides I shot a pile of POV and set the camera down to self-shoot some stuff as often as I had daylight for.  The idea being that these bikes are and will always be pretty rare, so few people will get to pre-ride one before buying.  By shooting a pile of video and presenting it here I thought I might help a few people to fall to one side or the other of the "Should I?!"  fence that they might be sitting on.

Thus, here:

Worth mentioning:  I stopped and fiddled with suspension, fit, and tire pressure on each ride, but three rides is not nearly enough to get that sorta thing dialed on a bike as genre-defying as this one.  I've never ridden anything like it, and didn't really know how I wanted it to feel, much less how to immediately get there.  In 3 rides I got closer to 'there' but it still has a long way to go.  So there are many shots in the vid where I'm off balance or out of sorts in places that don't look that difficult.  Even dabbed a few times in places I normally wouldn't.  All part of learning a new machine, and in 6 weeks (yep, surgery went really well) I can start to build on that base.

More to come, thanks for reading this far.


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